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Custom Edmund Davidson Tira Mitchell Engraved Integral Semi-Skinner donated by Edmund Davidson and Tira Mitchell
(Retail value: $8,000)

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Tira Mitchell - Work in Progress Video - Design and Engraving Edmund Davidson Knife for Knife Rights

Edmund Davidson is internationally acclaimed for his extraordinary integral knives. Integral means that they are created from a solid billet of steel, CPM 154CM powder metalurgy high carbon stainless steel in this case, by carefully removing material until all that is left is a blade, guard, tang and butt cap, all one piece. Then the handle material, in this case exhibition grade 10,000-year-old Mammoth Ivory donated by Fine Turnage Productions, is carefully fitted and secured in place. Davidson sets himself apart from many integral knife makers in that he uses no computer controlled (CNC) machinery to remove all that metal; it is all done paistakingly using conventional tooling.

This knife has been further enhanced with fine hand-engraving donated by Tira Mitchell. Tira has engraved a full-knife scroll design for the knife. From the blade to the butt cap, Tira custom designed the scrollwork to reflect Edmund Davidson's personality. Her organic lines, use of background removal, negative space and symmetrical structures all complement Edmund's exquisite hand-made craftsmanship that produces beautiful and durable tools of simple elegance that will last for generations.

Peters' Heat Treating Blade Division donated heat treament services for this knife.

NOTE: It is not legal for residents of California, Hawaii, New Jersey or New York to receive this prize due to these states' ban on ivory trade that includes 10,000-year-old fossil ivory. Knife Rights is not responsible for determining legality. Winner is responsible for compliance with all state and local laws governing the receiept and possession of fossil ivory items in the winner's jurisdiction. Click for complete rules.

Knife Construction: Integral
Blade Length: 5"
Blade Steel: CPM 154CM
Overall Length: 10"
Handle: Mammoth Ivory

Retail Value: $8,000

Web site: www.edmunddavidson.com
Web site: www.engraver.com


About Edmund Davidson

I am a full time knifemaker whose love of knives dates back to my youth. I would like to thank R.W. Loveless for fueling my interest in handmade knives and for the friendship that we shared. I credit Mr. T.M. Dowell and Billy Mace Imel for inspiring me to adopt the integral methods of knife construction. For it was photographs of their work published in the mid 1970's that would ultimately prove to have a profound impact on my life as a knifemaker.

My first impression of those early knives was that they were truly a novel concept. Here was a knife that completely eliminated solder joints, gaps and vulnerable areas where stress risers could develop. The integral knife is quite simply a solid, homogenous piece of steel with two handle inlays.

Since my humble beginnings as a knifemaker in 1986, I have developed over 90 unique integral patterns which include several designs from the shop of R.W. Loveless. From virtually indestructible camp and combat knives to many highly functional hunting knife patterns and investment quality art pieces embellished with fine engraving and scrimshaw, I will continue to push the proverbial integral envelope and develop new patterns for as long as I am able.

In closing, I would like to say that my knives are all made in my shop with my equipment. I do not outsource labor, nor do I use or condone the use of CNC machinery on knives that are represented to the public as being handmade. I purchase my blade steel in the form of bar stock and purchase the mechanical fasteners that I use to attach handle materials. I entrust the knowledgeable Paul Bos with the heat treating, tempering, and cryogenics of all my knives.

My knives are designed and constructed to serve as hard use cutting tools that can be passed on for many generations to come.

About Tira Mitchell

Originally from Clifton Park in upstate New York and a graduate of Boston University, Tira began engraving in 1993 with rotary tools on egg shells in Omaha, Nebraska. An Air Force wife at the time, in 1995 she moved to northern California. There, Tira approached Fairfield Cycle, a Harley Davidson™ dealer, and asked about custom engraving on Harleys. Her first work on metal was a fully engraved custom cycle in an art deco style named "Avalon". With that first bike, she began her training with Benno Heune of Modesto, California, who introduced her to the basics of tool making, pneumatic gravers and basic metallurgy.

In 1999 Tira relocated permanently to Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She continued engraving motorcycles and expanded into firearms, jewelry, knives and musical instruments. Always interested in unique works, Tira has engraved unusual items like brass bells for fire trucks, military installations and yachts. She has helped restore rare and collectible items like parts for classic cars, and has recently engraved special editions for Martin Guitar.

Tira has studied engraving with well-known engravers including Ken Hunt and Winston Churchill. From 2008-2011, Tira taught engraving at the GRS Training Center in Emporia, Kansas. Tira teaches engraving and jewelry techniques with Joel McFadden under the brand Precision Bench. In addition to engraving and teaching, Tira is a moderator of the popular engraver's forum, "The Engraver's Cafe," and has served as Treasurer for the Firearms Engravers Guild of America.

To complement her engraving, Tira now offers cutting-edge tools for jewelers, hand engravers and stone setters at www.Engraver.com. She carries the EnSet Hand Engraving and Stone Setting Tool - Tira's preferred hand engraving tool - state-of-the-art Leica Microscopes, and a variety of accessories from Vallorbe.

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